From beginning to end on your zip line tour, we use only the best, highest rated zip line equipment anywhere in Colorado. 

Pinzgauers, our preferred mode of transportation, are Austrian-made, 6 wheel-drive all-terrain vehicles manufactured for military transportation in the 70’s.  Originally used to carry large numbers of troops across rocky terrain all over the world, these Pinzgauer vehicles have been repurposed to carry large numbers of excited passengers on the short trek to the zip course.

Super sturdy Yates Rigging Harnesses attach the rider to the cable; we are the only zip line company in Colorado to use these full body, padded harnesses that allow for upside down zip lining.  Comfortable Petzl helmets keep your head safe and secure.  The Zip Adventures proprietary pulley system is, in climbing terms, “double – belay worthy” rated for 14,000 pounds.  In layman’s terms, this means it’s bomber:  as safe as it gets.  Check out the quality of the industrial strength Yates Rigging Harness.

Our Cables are 7x19 braided galvanized aircraft cable- a full ½” in diameter. 

Poles at either end of the zip line securing the cable are 4” galvanized steel secured with concrete and rebar and concreted a minimum of 12’ into the ground for exceptional stability.

Pulleys are manufactured by industry leading CMI, known worldwide for setting the standard in rescue, ropes course and zip line pulley systems.