Check Out The Best Zip Line Courses in Colorado

The zip line course at Zip Adventures is the first and still the best ground-to ground zip lines in the country. Our unique tour provides an unbelievable outdoor recreation adventure that challenges the senses: fragrant sagebrush, pinion pine and Colorado fresh air surround you in this beautiful slice of rustic Western landscape. 

Our zip line courses will get you pumpin' - the farther you go, the higher the exhilaration!  6 unique zip lines give you a graduating progression of excitement and adventure, as well as a stunning view of our beautiful Colorado landscape.  Each has their own special personality – so much so that the guides have fondly nicknamed them over the years.  Here is an insider’s look into the special courses you are about to experience at Zip Adventures!


#1 The Bunny Hill   -  Beginners zip line for those wanting to take it easy, or for first time zippers!

#2 The Glide   -  Green-rated zip line where you can travel backwards and upside down!

#3 Old Abe    -  This 400’ long zip line will have you whizzing by "Old Abe" the spruce tree.

#4 The Thriller -  One of the fastest rides on the course with a runway take- off and view of “Jacob’s Ladder.”

#5 Widow Maker  -  One of the highest zip lines possible in Colorado with views of 4 incredible waterfalls!

#6 What Was I Thinking?  Features 1000’ long course down the canyon with “aircraft carrier landing” awaiting you!

Call us to at 970- 926-9470 about any questions regarding the individual ziplines or the suitability of the course for your adventurous group of visitors!