Zip Adventures is an exciting experience that can be enjoyed by all ages.  Zip-lining is quickly becoming one of the most popular activities to add to the bucket list for your Vail or Aspen vacation.   Why should you take time now to book a Zip Adventure?  Here are the top 5 reasons:

1. PINZGAUERS  The pinzgauers- Austrian-made, 6 wheel-drive all-terrain vehicles manufactured for military transportation in the 70’s- are the first thing you will encounter when you arrive at our site.  They greet you at the door of the carriage house for check in, and provide the bumpy-good-fun ride that will take you to the zip line course a couple of miles away.  Kids will giggle over the coolness of this military vehicle, lined with bench seating and open windows to enjoy the sagebrush- lined trail en route to the course.

2. SPEED  “It’s really fun- did you see how hot I came in?”  “ I love it because of the MACH!”  No, these are not quotes from Mission Impossible, they are quotes from 2nd and 6th graders from a local school on a field trip to Zip Adventures.  If you are a kid, you probably love speed.  If you are an adult, you probably love speed and are afraid to admit it.  The zip line course is made up of 6 different lines ranging in length, with the grand finale measuring in at 1,000 ft. long.  There is no question you can clock some serious speed on these, up to 50mph for some.  But with adjustments that can be made on your equipment and a brake rope to slow you down on the fastest line, everyone zips within their limits!

3. SAFE  We love speed here at Zip Adventures, and we can feel good about it because safety is our #1 priority.  Everything on the zip line is bomber and rock-solid.  Using only the best quality equipment, we meet or exceed the safety standards of the challenge course industry in terms of design, construction and operations.  Zip Adventures is proud to be the first ground to ground zip line in the US.  We are the innovators of this type of zip system, and many others have modeled after ours as the grounded zip line offers extreme stability and safety. All of our guides have been extensively trained in the safety of zip-lining, climbing, CPR and First Aid.

4. GUIDES  This great zipping adventure would not be possible without our most special asset- our guides.  It’s an amazing team, and each and every one of the guides loves working at Zip Adventures.  The guides are witty, athletic, and rock-solid strong, and have a smile on their faces the whole time!

5. FUN  This is the bottom line.  This activity is fun - REALLY fun.  It can be enjoyed by an extended family of all ages, a corporate outing or a group of friends.  No matter how you slice it, it’s a lot of laughs and you cannot help but smile the rest of the day.  Come join us for a tour and see for yourself why Zip Adventures has created such a buzz.  As a recent 8 year old guest so eloquently put it, “I am SO coming back this summer!”