A Perfect Day in Vail, CO

Special to Zip Adventures by Eimile Pesch

Enjoy a perfect day in vail that includes zip lining at Zip Adventures of Vail.I am one of the lucky few college students who got to spend my summer in Vail.  Who wouldn’t want to spend a summer here?  300 sunny days a year, and more to do in each one of those than you can count on your fingers and toes.  I had only 60 here, but each one was golden. 

People ask me, “If you could have one more day in Vail, what would make it perfect?” Usually the response is “Can’t tell you – I’d be giving you all the secrets away. Besides, there’s no way to fit it into one day.”

Seriously, though, what would a perfect day in Vail be?  My perfect day in Vail would begin with an easy breakfast at the Vail Racquet Club. On Sundays they offer a great breakfast at their restaurant, Blu’s – the only restaurant in East Vail.  “Joe’s Special”, ground sirloin, onion, spinach and asiago cheese scrambled together with eggs, is my favorite dish. The staff are friendly, it’s affordable, and there’s no hour-long wait to get a table.

After a delicious breakfast, head down to Wolcott to go ziplining at Zip Adventures with family and friends.  Only a 25 minute drive from East Vail, Zip Adventures has by far the best ziplines in the Vail Valley, and perhaps Colorado.  All six lines vary in length and speed on this ground-to-ground course (no climbing a three story tower for me) and people of all ages can have a safe yet exciting adventure.  From my six year old cousin to my nearly sixty year old dad, everyone can have a great day.

My favorite zipline was the last one, which has be appropriately named “What Was I Thinking?” At 1,000 feet long, I was able to get up to 35 mph!  When riding across each zip-line, make sure to look around to capture the amazing canyon views, unique to each zip-line.  The Zip Adventures staff is awesome, and even gave us freezie-pops during the tour.  Often cracking jokes and sharing facts and cool information about the canyon, the staff and the Zip Adventures experience cannot be beat.  It is a great adventure and the ideal start on a gorgeous Colorado blue-sky day!

After soaring above the canyons riding down all six zip-lines, the next stop is lunch at the Westside Café in West Vail, located inside the Holiday Inn. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed. I ordered the Denver Omelet with a side of sausage that was outstanding and seemed to be an agreed upon favorite among our group. It is a very affordable, informal restaurant with a great wait-staff, and a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

View from the summit of Uneva Peak outside Vail CO.Take the afternoon for some quiet time and go for a leisurely hike to Uneva Peak.  A moderately difficult hike, it takes about three hours round trip. The hike starts at the bottom of Vail Pass on Interstate 70, and reaches an elevation around 12,500 feet. You’ll hike through a pine forest and beautiful alpine meadows.  The top of Uneva Peak is the most beautiful view of the back country of Colorado, and is a guaranteed reward for the hard work and exercise.

Then head back to home base at the Vail Racquet Club and relaxed by the pool.  Between the perfect temperature of the pool on a hot, sunny day, and the hot tub in the shade, it is time for some serious guilt-free recuperation.

Once you’ve rejuvenated, take the free in-town bus into Vail Village and start with drinks at Bol, Vail’s modern and very hip bowling alley/restaurant. Start with a few appetizers (the crispy confit chicken wings and spicy tuna tartare, yum!)and a glass off their equally impressive wine list.

Walk a block or so over to The Bully Ranch, my favorite restaurant in town. Located in the swanky Sonnenalp Hotel, I love The Bully Ranch because I always enjoy my food, whatever I order (I recommend the ribs) is excellent, and there is a great outdoor patio at which pooches are welcome and get their own water dish.  Not to mention there great service, it’s relaxed and comfortable with western décor, and decent pricing relative to your high-end dining in town.

After enjoying good food and good company, take a leisurely stroll over to Vendetta’s and Whiskey Jack’s, both located on Vail’s infamous Bridge Street for drinks and socializing.  Of course, I tell everyone about my perfect day in Vail, and end my night at Shakedown, the hottest nightclub where live music puts the finishing touches on my perfect day.

About Zip Adventures
Zip Adventures is Colorado's best zipline tour located 20 minutes from Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek Resort.  Six exciting ziplines in Wolcott's historic Alkali Canyon available for people of all ages and stages.  Call today at 970-926-9470 for more information or make a reservation.

About Eimile Pesch
Eimile Pesch is a guest writer for Nichols Interactive, a full service marketing agency located in the Vail Valley. She is student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studies journalism and economics.