Need A Cure for Spring Fever? Zip It Away!

Come springtime, it’s only natural to want to get outside and enjoy the longer days and warmer temperatures. That restless feeling known as “spring fever” is actually hard-wired into our brains so that we crave the endorphins that come with outdoor adventure. Zip lining is a perfectly safe and absolutely exhilarating cure for spring fever that leaves you grinning ear to ear.

So there you have it: zip lining is actually good for you! There’s no need to wait until your summer vacation to have some fun. Zip Adventures opened all six courses on May 1 along with our newest adventure, The Canyon Plunge. Sure, it’s a 65-foot free fall that requires you to run, skip or jump off of a cliff. But state-of-the-art magnetic braking technology ensures a perfectly smooth and safe landing every time.

One thing is for sure: unleashing your inner spider monkey while zipping through Wolcott’s beautiful Alkali Creek Canyon is simply unforgettable. Whether you’re flying solo or holding on to family and friends, zipping has a way of strengthening the ties that bind us to each other and the natural world. There’s no better way to come closer together – as a couple, a family, a team or just friends – than to practice letting go.

As a reminder, Zip Adventures can be enjoyed for kids of all ages, from 2 to 92. We have the highest safety ratings, the best quality equipment, and exceptionally well-trained guides. Children love the freedom and independence of speeding along a course by themselves or with family. It’s not unusual to see the kids encouraging their parents to fly the nest!

Zip Adventures is located at the historic 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott, a short 15-minute ride from Beaver Creek. Ask around and you’ll hear that Zip Adventures is one of the top “must-do” activities when visiting the Vail Valley. And when it comes to curing spring fever, you can’t beat the fun-benefit ratio of zipping with us. Check our spring season tour times at!