First Time Zip Lining

- By Eimile Pesch, Special to Zip Adventures

Kids can zip line across Alkalai Canyon near Vail and Beaver Creek resorts.I am very excited that my first time zip-lining took place at Zip Adventures. It is the perfect location for zip-lining, with incredible views of historic Alkalai Canyon in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains every way you look. Their expert staff is incredibly knowledgable and friendly, and make you feel very comfortable zip-lining.

Located only 15 minutes from Vail and Beaver Creek resorts, Zip Adventures offers six zip lines, each varying in speed, length and height.  The first zip line is a perfect introduction to the experience, and puts your mind at ease for what is ahead.  As you progress, each line increases speed. The length and height vary as the canyon gets deeper.  The last line is the longest at 1,000 ft., and can get you going at a speed of up to 35 mph.

I recommend Zip lining tandem with a friend! Travel down the zip lines holding on to the line, or for those seeking a thrill, you can let go and zipline upside down or even backwards!

Our guiTandem zip lining near Vail, Colorado at Zip Adventures, over Alkalai Canyon.des, Oliver and Hunter, were absolutely wonderful. From the beginning, they were very friendly and easy to talk to. They also made our group laugh out loud numerous times, creating the perfect relaxed setting for the day.  At each zip line, they told us some interesting facts and information about the canyon and surrounding nature, as well as pointed out different things we could try to find when zipping across the line. They went over the do’s and don’t’s of each individual zip line and made sure we felt safe on our adventure. They even provided water and freezie pops at one of the stops!

Overall, the experience was amazing. I would recommend Zip Adventures to anyone wanting to have the best possible time zip lining. The views, the staff and the complete adventure cannot be beat! It is by far, the best zip-lining Colorado has to offer.