10 Reasons Why 1 Zipline Isn't Enough

Standing on the edge of the platform – toes curled, knees bent, heart pounding – and then the always-thrilling leap of faith that sends you airborne, soaring past canyon walls, skimming over treetops and river rapids 200 feet below. At the end of your zip, only one thought remains: let’s do that again!

1- 6. One is Never Enough. That’s exactly why we built six progressive zip lines into one course. In fact, Zip Adventures is the only course in the Vail Valley with more than one line. Our progressive six-line course builds on the excitement, taking you farther, faster and higher with every jump. First-timers and children (ages 2 to 92) will appreciate easing into the adrenalin. Daring zippers can use the slower lines to practice their moves: upside down and backwards.

7. Real-deal, Backcountry. Zip Adventures is located just 15 minutes from Beaver Creek Resort, but the short ride will take you back in time to a place where the West is still wild. No views of the highway here! You’ll check in with us at the historic 4-Eagle Ranch, a working ranch since 1885, just four miles north of Wolcott. Our six-wheel drive Pinzgauer will take you across the rugged terrain to our course on the Alkali river canyon – a favorite camping spot for the Ute Indians that once roamed these lands.

8. Three Activities in One. Of course, the main attraction is flying high on our six-line course. But just read a few of our reviews and you’re bound to read what people have to say about “just the right amount of hiking between zip lines.” Who wouldn’t want to take a moment to enjoy the fresh mountain air and the fragrance of sagebrush and pinion pine? And don’t forget the bragging rights that come with six-wheeling in a circa-1974, military-grade Austrian Pinzgauer!

9. Free Free-Falling. Just when you’re thinking seven zip lines might be better than six, you’ll find out there is still one more adventure included in your tour: the Canyon Plunge. This free-fall ride will drop you 65 feet at 20 miles-per- hour for biggest thrill of them all. As with all of our zip lines, your safety is assured with the highest caliber equipment and braking system that control your landing.

10. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch. Your Zip Adventure is 2.5 hours of fun with expert guides that add to the experience with colorful stories, useful tips, water and snacks – including, the most perfectly timed popsicle you’ll ever enjoy! Chances are good you still won’t want to go home. That’s okay! The 4-Eagle Ranch Grill serves up some of the best barbecue and chill this side of the Sawatch Range. Plus, there are plenty of things to do at the Ranch if you’d like to extend your visit.

Zip Adventures started out by being the first ground-to- ground zip line course in the continental U.S. Come out and see why we are still the best! To schedule a Zip Adventure tour click here.